Oil catch-can/bracket

Oil catch-can/bracket

Oil catch can and mounting bracket for the engine bay of a Freelander 2. The bracket mounts between the radiator and the nearside headlight, and is made from strong black polyurethane. 

An oil catch can is connected to the engine crankcase breather outlet and collects the oil mist in the fumes. The outlet can then be routed back to the intake duct or vented to atmosphere (note this may fail the MoT in UK).

This bracket is suitable for automatic or manual gearbox (automatic has an automatic transmission fluid oil cooler). Please select which type you need below.

If you wish to buy only the bracket without a catch can then select Bracket Only (white) in the colour selection list below.

Bracket comes with marine grade stainless nuts/bolts, but does not include hoses. You will need to purchase some hoses separately to complete the installation. These are available from Halfords/Ebay etc.